“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

                                                                    -Benjamin Franklin

Puppy Kindergarten

For pups between 8 and 14 weeks. Please get your puppies started as early as possible! The benefits of early socialization and interaction greatly outweigh any health risks that anyone (your veterinarian included) might warn you about.  We are very strong proponents of off-leash puppy kindergarten classes. This class is structured around the young puppy’s growing mind. It involves learning bite inhibition and heavy socialization with both other puppies and other people – as well as instilling in them the love of learning.  In essence, they will “learn how to learn”.  “Puppy sized” agility equipment is used for fun, confidence-building activities. Potty training and crate training are also discussed in detail, as are the nasty chewing/biting habits many puppies develop. This is a fun, upbeat class and offers a wonderful way to expose your puppy’s budding brain to the world around him. Prerequisite reading: Dr. Ian Dunbar’s After You Get Your Puppy
Cost: $205  Duration: 6 weeks


Puppy Junior High

This is essential Puppy Kindergarten Part 2. We will continue off-leash training, adding some distraction to the concepts we’ve learned.  Bite inhibition must continue to be maintained through this early adolescent time so there is plenty of structured play time.  Heeling is added, as are other fundamental concepts like the “place” command.                        Cost: $205 (If purchased at the same time as Puppy Kindergarten, receive a 10% discount on both classes!)  Duration: 6 weeks


Private Lessons

These classes are truly for teaching and learning. Dogs that are already incredibly over-excitable, dog aggressive or fearful can be taught in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere that is very conducive to learning. Work at your own pace, without concern for class deadlines and missed lessons. This is a unique service we have to offer.We have had great success treating problems such as dog aggression, fear aggression, “dominance” aggression, house training issues, compulsive disorders and specific phobias. We keep up to date on the latest in treatments, both pharmaceutical options and behavior modification techniques. A private lesson affords the client and their dog over an hour of time one-on-one with one of us. Cost: $115 for 1 hour or $295 for a package of three lessons


Basic Obedience

This course is for dogs over the age of 4 months who have not attended our puppy classes.  Less emphasis on socialization and more on the fundamentals of proper obedience techniques.  The foundations of this course are loose-leash walking, sits, downs, recalls, manners and above all, teaching our dogs self-control.  This class is on leash.
Cost: $205  Duration: 6 weeks