Dear Dr. Lerner,
       I just want to tell you how my wife and I feel about your training which solved a major problem with our overactive, jumpy cockapoo Taffy.  I can still hardly believe the transformation which has taken place since we started with your program!  She is a totally different animal,  so very much more  controlled and obedient to our commands.  As I told you last week, I really didn’t like her very much before the training, but now I can enjoy her every day.  Thank you so much!
                   With much satisfaction,  Dick and Sandy Depkin


Chuck and Robin,
When we first got Fritz, I was afraid to take him anywhere by myself because he is big, and not far off from my own weight – not to mention, he has four wheel drive.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to control him and that he would get away from me.  After his training, I’ll take him anywhere.  I trust that he’ll listen to me.  It’s a great feeling!
And, after being able to call Fritz away from a dog fight….

I always realized training was important – but until yesterday, the real meaning was not entirely CRYSTAL clear.  It is now.  I cannot thank you guys enough for drilling us to stay consistent with Fritz.  I don’t know what I would have done had Fritz some how gotten mixed up in the fight and gotten hurt.  He listened when it was critical and did the things that we practice with him everyday.  We don’t feed people food to Fritz, but Sunday night, he got a steak.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jen and Mike


Hey Robin,
Unfortunately, the pic I’m sending is just of Mia.  I seem to always be the one taking
the pics, so I’m never in them!  This was the first time she ever got to run on the beach without me yanking her on a 6 ft leash.  She loves it!!
Just want to express my sincerest appreciation for the work you did with
Mia.  She is SO happy to be off leash and enjoying life as all animals
should.  Since your training, she has come out of her crate and enjoys
playing freely with all her dog friends.  Living in the city, I never
thought I would be able to have my lab off leash.  Now, I can walk with her down a sidewalk minus a leash with full confidence!  Her quality of life has gone up tremendously!  I would recommend your training to anyone!  My only complaint is that I waited
too long before asking for your help!  Thanks again Terrapin-K9!


Just a quick letter to thank you guys for all of your help 
with our "little guy" Rocco. Before we brought him to you 
at 9 months and a 100 lbs. of I'll do what I want whether 
you have a treat for me or not!, even I had a tough time 
keeping him under control, much less for Lauren to even 
think about it. After the training he is much more behaved 
and easier to control. Now Lauren can control Rocco even 
though he is much, much stronger than her.   She can walk 
him and I don't need to be home to discipline him either if 
he is not behaving.  The  follow up session was very 
helpful.  We used to have a dog that got into everything...,
But now we have a fully decorated Christmas tree and he 
doesn't even bother it, which before would have just been a
 great new toy.  I can now take him to the park and on hikes 
with out a leash and even fully involved in playtime with 
his buddies he will come running back. We've still got some 
things to work on but we are miles ahead of were we would
Thank you so much for your help and information, 
Josh & Lauren Campbell


K9 “Bronx”
Dr. Chuck,
Here is a nice drug pinch Bronx had last night (Sat.) – half pound of weed.  On a car stop he found it hidden in the rear quarter panel. He also hit Friday night on 1oz of heroin found in a closet on a house search.

I would like to tell you that K9 Bronx turned out to one HELL of a street dog. Bronx has proven himself time and time again with drug finds as little as dime bags to kilo’s of cocaine. He has several track apprehensions on both grass and street, finds in building searches as well as straight apprehensions. I must say he has earned respect from many as a SUPER street dog.
He has also proven that he can do it in police dog trials too.  We entered one USPCA trial and won it!  We have also certified with both the NAPWDA and USPCA.  Thank you once again for a great job on his foundation training!
Officer Tom Takacs
Darby Borough Police Dept.


Hey guys……Its been a week and all i have to say is:  Where is my dog?
This is an imposter,lol,,,,He’s been doing great.  First day home an ambulance came up our worked!.. I took him around the block 4 times (without a leash), went in the house, got my wife …told her she had to see this,,,We both are truly grateful.  Its really great being able to let him run around the yard again.
Anyway, thanks a lot,
Chuck and Gen and Blue….